The Grip6 Ultralight Belt Buckles suit 38mm/1.5″ strap.


Customise your Grip6 belt by choosing a buckle and strap that suits your mood, mission or hair. Grab extra straps for a different belt every other day.

Uses: Grip6 Ultralight Buckles hold up your pants and look great doing it. Perfect for outdoors or EDC, low profile doesn’t chafe when worn under a pack belt. Alternate your look with various buckle types and strap colours.

Why we love the Grip6 Ultralight Buckle;

  1. ULTRALIGHT BUCKLES (strap not included) — The Ultralight Series takes minimalism to the next level. The Ultralight buckle weighs a mere 10g, half the weight of our classic buckle and a fraction of the buckle on a leather belt.
  2. INTERCHANGEABLE BUCKLES AND STRAPS- Ultralight Buckles can be used with any GRIP6 38mm/1.5” strap.
  3. LOW PROFILE BELT- The Ultralight belt lies down flat and will not protrude out from the pants or dig into the skin.
  4. NO-SLIP LOCKING MECHANISM- The buckle is designed as a solid piece, so it doesn’t slip or need adjustment throughout the day.
  5. HIGHEST QUALITY MATERIAL — Ultralight Buckles are laser-cut from 6061 T6 Aluminium and anodised for colour and durability.

Watch below to see how the Grip6 belt works and how to resize the strap.